Monday, July 6, 2009

OK, i twittered this last week, but i did not expect to see it today on Anderson Cooper.
I now understand why, I can't find a job, more concisely, why I never get a call back after a successful interview. Mystery solved everyone!!!
My next questions is, why isn't this mainstream news?
Please continue to talk amongst yourselves.

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

I NEED A JOB!!!!!!!

I am so tired of looking for a job!! I am so sick and tired of writing my resume for every position so that somebody looks at just for a moment, I am tired of beating my head against the hiring mangers door just to have them tell my i am overqualified or my skills and experience look great but they just aren't ready to hire. Why in the world did you post the job in the first place if you aren't ready to hire? i am weary from interviewing only to be told " we really want to hire you but". But what? let's get to it. i am at the end of my rope.
If you want my resume ask me, but then please read it when i give it to you. I give me feedback. OK so you don't want to hire me, I understand, but tell me why and help me in the future.
If people really want the economy back to where it was, hire somebody so they can spend money. There is no way the US economy is going to bounce back if we people are not employed to spend the dollars the earn.

All right I'm done for now, but this topic will be coming back in the future!!

Madoff Goes to Jail!!

It's about time somebody threw the book at white collar crimes and I can't wait for Big Bubba to get a hold of him. I can imagine the conversation:

Madoff: Are you gay?
Bubba: Nope
Madoff: Does that thing have a knuckle?
Bubba: Yep
Madoff: can I buy my way out of this?
Bubba: Nope, lot of people already chipped in, and just like them, you are going to get screwed!!

Monday, June 29, 2009


Finding a job can be the single most labor intensive event a person can go through,( granted birthing a baby more be more, but it doesn't last as long). But recently my job search has me more PO'd than before. So let me ask the question, why would a company post a position (corporate website, craigslist or other), collect resumes, conduct interviews only to say and I quote "We need more time, Ron, to sort this out. I am impressed with your background and experience. I will be in-touch when our way clears. Thanks for being persistent."

The employment process is not cheap and takes a considerable amount of the companies time to write up a job description, submit it to recruiters, job postings. Then the amount of time to review resumes, decide who to interview, but to then tell candidates that "We are not ready" boggles the mind.

I know what you want to say "why work for them if they can't make a decision" but many companies are doing this.

My 3 cents.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Gen X is getting old

Michael Jackson, Farraw. Don't let this be the start of the end of my childhood. I am going to be a little selfish and say that when the people pass who were part of your memories growing up, it seems as though you lose a part of yourself. I remember when Thriller was about to come out and the buzz around " what is Michael doing next". I remember watching Charlie's Angels, every week! I guess what I am saying is, when people pass that help shape my memories as a teen, I feel as though I am getting older.

I cannot not look back at Michael's greatness and now in the future he might do something great again. Even with Farraw, you knew she and Ryan were together and the would someday get married. With the passing of them both, the end of my childhood has started.

Let's be honest, for Gen X'rs, when George Carlin passed, we felt sadness but he was of a different erea than ours. These hit closer to home